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Mon, Mar. 6th, 2006, 09:28 am

welp, i TOTALLY blew WW this weekend...and it was certainly my fault. i knew what i was doing, and made very poor choices... (like, did i need to keep reaching my hand into that chip bag? did i need another cookie? that sorta thing..)
but, you do what you do, and then you move on...
friday and saturday...lets see.
for lunch, we went to china gate for my directors bday. i ate WAYYYY too many shrimp chips. then i ate way too much cake.
for dinner, on the bus to the ski trip, i chose to put mayo on my sandwich instead of mustard. i also chose to do that the next day for lunch...
for breakfast that day, i had one too many mini bagels, and for dinner than day i had one too many handfuls of chips, cookies and instead of three slices of pizza, i should have stopped at two!
yes, i did ski all day..
so that might be a slight saving grace.

speaking of the skiing, it was wonderful! the weather and conditions were PERFECT!!! tho i wished i woulda got on the 730 bus instead of the 9...so i could have enjoyed the early morning conditions more...but it was still completely fab! yeah holiday valley!

so, sunday, we went to buca...
didnt do HORRIBLY bad... we chose to have the linguine frutti del mar...which is a linguini in red sauce with clams, calamari, etc..garlic mashed potatoes and the roasted chicken and veggies..
we also had a mixed green salad, and a slice of cake (tho i ate a little of sue's icing, cos she didnt want it all)
so, i counted the pts of it all, and the whopping 3 i ate later that night for dinner...
so i am good. had to use my flexxies (just a little bit)...

however, i did NOT count my pts on friday and sat.
but again, gotta just get back on the wagon after a weekend of indulgences..

this coming weekend, i will be going to camp/creek...so the food prolly wont be the best either, but three days on the river should earn plenty of APs.and i think the heaviest meal would be in the morning anyhow...and just one of the days, i shall make camp goop :) yummie fatty goodness. but just one!
the other days...
oatmeal and eggs and toast, fruit, yogurt...what have ya..

oooo! and i got my new tent in FINALLY. it is in the garage set up...with the waterproofing spray drying on it :)

Wed, Mar. 8th, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)

I think one of the most important things in our endeavor is too face what you've done, and accept it as a choice that you made. Which you did. The week is not over, it's better to be OP for the rest of the week and don't add anymore extra stress about it.