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Where it's Good to be a Loser

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When I tried to lose weight before I found that I really needed support from people. My family and friends only went so far as I felt they couldn't truly understand just what I was going through. Last year I did Weight Watchers at home and because I wasn't accountable (going to meetings) I stopped. While meetings may not be everyone's cup of tea I do think that it's important to have some friends who can share in the daily struggle to lose weight.

So after looking to LJ to find support I find a lot of communities are too large to get to know someone well enough to call them a pal. I would like to start the community off with people new to WW and who have enough weight to lose that they think that it might take a bit of time to do it. I would like to see open people who like to share good and bad things they run into. Most of all I would like the community to be more than just a place to post you weeks totals and then move on.