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Sun, Jan. 29th, 2006, 09:30 pm
redshoedpunk: (no subject)

Hello all! I just joined, so this is my first week in the WW frame of life.
So far I've been really good about sticking to my points.
We'll see on Thursday how I really did!


Thu, Jan. 26th, 2006, 09:47 pm
litolpea: w00t!

ok...soo....remember my weekend?....well, i was good the rest of the week. sticking to my pts range, varying a little...
and stepped on the scale at ww...



SW: 289
CW: 279.6
GW: 185

.4 more and i have lost 10 lbs!

i decided that every 10 lbs, i will give myself a treat. at the cleveland institute of medical massage, they have 50 min massages for 33 bucks.. so, every 10 lbs, i get a massage!

also, every 10 lbs is when i will update my progress page....

soooo, tonight tho, i was very bad. i went to the bar/grill "around the corner" to meet up with some folks from the ski club...jen and i both went. and i intended on a beer and some mussels...but the ad the fagowees club sent us was incorrect. WEDNESDAY they have mussels..
so....jen and i had very fattening cheese and beef burritos and split a basket of fries.
hey, at least we SPLIT the fries, right? does that count as a NSV?????

so....i usually have one day a week where i dont really count the pts in the evening, and well, this would be it.
course, i usually have at least 15 or so flex to use...but i used all of em up sunday while still at the resort...
guess i gotta stay in that pool a bit longer next week, right?

Sun, Jan. 22nd, 2006, 11:36 pm
litolpea: bad bad OP weekend..

wow. i was VERY not OP this weekend. i took my first ski trip with my, what i affectionately call, drunk ski club that i belong to.

well, ok. on the bus ride up, i drank, drank and more drank..
but i also ate cookies. not too many (1 oatmeal raisin, and about 4 cafe gs cookies)
and a sub, but that wasnt too bad. 6 inche..
i had my FPs saved up for friday purposefully...

the next day tho, i didnt really eat anything BAD, like junk...however, i ate way outta pts range. it could have been much worse tho, right? i could have succumbed to the fried food at the lodge.
but i stuck to healthier (sort of) options, like bagels, salads (tho they didnt have LF dressing) and soups.

for dinner, i had oatmeal crusted salmon, which wasnt bad, however the portion was HUGE. i didnt cut it in half tho. :(

today, i did a bit better, and actual JOURNALED my pts..
but i did earn 16 APs today..
tho, i did use almost all of FPs which, well, reset today. lol
however, i stuck to healthy options, but they werent perfect...
i had tuna salad for dinner and lunch, but i am sure that it wasnt made light..
i could have picked turkey, or minus the bread...but i had turkey the night before, and i was RAVENOUS!!!!
and it had cheese.
and i had salad again, both times, with regular dressing. (that is all they had)
but i was STARVING after skiing. so, i wasnt eating just to eat.

so anyhow, we shall see what this does to my WI on thursday. i have 4 good days to make up for the damage...tho i really did work my body more than normal.

so, i now know for the next time i hit one of these trips.
pace the alcohol, not only for OP, but for the raging hangover i had saturday...
keep making healthier choices, to the best that i can..and if they cant be as accomidating as i would like (IE, tuna sandwiches with mayo or non LF dressings) ski a bit harder to work that off.

then pick up, get back OP...and JOURNAL.

Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006, 10:27 pm
litolpea: welp.....

down another 1.6.....

started january 5th:

SW: 289
CW: 281.2
GW: 185


Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006, 02:27 pm
litolpea: motivation...

last night on celebrity fit club, bruce said this about jeff's OD:
Jeff's long time "Celebrity Fit Club" co-dieter BRUCE VILANCH tells the clubbers, "Jeff has been a troubled guy for years. He has been in and out of programs. He gets sober and he drops out. He is a chronic relapser. And the problem with chronic relapsers is they have to hit the lowest bottom possible before they get it. It doesn't get much worse than this."

and the thing is, when he said that, i identified with it, and my weight loss. when i originally lost the 50lbs, and was on a great start to losing all that i needed, i messed up. not only in weight loss, but in life too.

and i couldnt get back on track with weight loss it seems, until i was back to the start. and i do that with a lot of things, which isnt good. it is as if i cant pick up in the middle after a "relapse" and get going again! i tried a couple of times with WW..but i just could not get motivated or serious enough.

well, i vow to change that. especially with my weight loss! i will NOT be a chronic relapser! ONCE is enough to mess up.. time to lose the weight, and keep it off for good! i want to. i NEED to.


Fri, Jan. 13th, 2006, 09:58 am
litolpea: *does happy dance*

MINUS 6.2!!!!

my first week back on WW...VERY VERY GOOOOOOOOOD!

sw: 289
cw: 282.8
gw: 185


i even splurged BIG TIME on friday....back when i was successful on ww, i used to allow myself one splurge day a week...you know, to not really fret too much about pts, have that burger at the bar after work, etc..
and it worked for me! i am hoping it works for me again.
it did this week..but this is the first week of course (and guess what? i am TOM too. lol)

but seriously, i mean, i SPLURGED..my mom and sister came up and took me to dinner for my birthday. we went to caffe roma, which i love love love...and i had a few pieces of the bread, some lunch meat from the antipasta tray, a salad with house dressing, a huge bowl of cavatelli with 2 meatballs, gelato and some tiramisu! (i didnt know the little cute tiramisu with a candle in it was coming...which is why i had the gelato...)
and sure, i had a lot of flex points saved up..but i am sure that was over it..
but i think that is realistic, dont you? i mean, you go to dinner sometimes, and bam! you may eat a lot there...but you hop right back OP..you know?

i just hope that works for me again. hehe
cross yer fingers!

Tue, Jan. 10th, 2006, 09:48 pm
chunkxcore: (no subject)

Hi All
I just rejoined with my boyfriend and I have been cooking every night (No more fast foooood)

What do you guys like for snacks?
I usually eat (all are two points)
a string cheese
2 oranges
a rice cake w/ 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
a skinny cow saucer ice cream (the best thing ever..)
100 calorie nabisco snack
3 cups of airpopped popcorn (1 point)

also did you guys excersie the first few weeks. I seem so winded and i dont want to get discouraged and stop exercising so I dont know if i should wait until i lose a little weight.

my goal is lose 100 lbs. by my next bday (jan. 3rd) hopefully it isnt too far fetched.

goodluck guys!

Wed, Jan. 4th, 2006, 09:12 pm
chunkxcore: (no subject)

Hi all

It was just my 21st birthday yesterday, so I am starting weight watchers this weekend (I had to get in my cake before I started). My boyfriend since we started going out has gained almost 60ish lbs. So he is going to start too.

Just wanted to say hi, and goodluck to everyone.

just wondering if anyone started the gym after losing weight with WW. I was going to do it for a couple months and then start the gym, and just do basic tredmill and crunches here till then.

thanks <3

Fri, Dec. 30th, 2005, 06:39 am
ww_catscar: NSV (non-scale victory)

I'm a big fan of NSV's. My anniversary was on Dec. 13 and I rejoined WW the following Friday. To celebrate our big day, we went to a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot. It was the first time for both of us to have fondue. It was great fun, though I swear I didn't eat again until well into the lunch hour the next day! Anyway, they gave us a bar of chocolate as part of the celebration package and it's almost still half there! That's a huge accomplishment for me.

Also, even though I gave into some of my Christmas candy, I did manage to put most of it away to share with friends on New Year's Day.

I've been enjoying 0 point soup with my lunches all week and trying to work out three times a week (2 for 2 so far). Overall, I feel great! And very happy to be (FINALLY) back on the program.

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 09:43 am
mannard: In case you were wondering, I'm still here!

The other day I was looking at photos of myself back in April and I realized how much I've changed. My face is so much thinner, it's amazing. Being a really large person (I started at over 300lbs) it's easy to fall into the mode of 'Well I'm never going to finish, so why try hard?' but I'm going to try again. Not that I stopped trying, I just have been busy and not putting in enough effort.

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